Update 5/25/2023
Added a chatbox to the homepage and made my intro more detailed.

Update 5/21/2023
Added Bigtop Burger to the Interests section and changed its name to Stuff I Like

Update 5/11/2023
Changed the commission page, bep zone, and not found page to match current formatting. Also added isopod borders :)

Update 5/10/2023
Added google form iframe in art fight for hitlist.

Update 5/9/2023
Added more art to art fight and fanart categories as well as new buttons and stamps in the home page.

Update 5/7/2023
New responsive formatting for art and overlays over them. Also added a necessary fiery text gif in the home page

Update 5/2/2023
Added three new pages for different art (Original Art, Fanart, Art Fight).

Update 4/18/2023
Replaced the update log box with an iframe. Reformatted the buttons and changed their color.

Update 4/13/2023
Made art page gallery responsive.

Update 4/11/2023
Added interests in main page.

Update 4/3/2023
Added background image and containers to art page.

Update 4/2/2023
Made the update log, added containers to homepage as well as adding a new description.